​​Our Vision!
Stay focused on others

"​It is my eternal desire that every person in the WORLD live a life of PEACE, safety, and happiness. Sadly, the most basic and inalienable of human rights have been denied from much of humanity for far too long. Those who are mercilessly forced to endure the most unimaginable sufferings and intolerable conditions are most often the weakest and most vulnerable souls in society. The SOUNDS of their cries are typically muffled by our comfort and indifference. I believe that it is my personal responsibility to plead the cause for these precious and valuable lives who have no voice as my ability and capacity to affect change allows. In doing so, may my life inspire others to commit their lives in some manner of service to others, so that the entire human race has equal opportunity to experience life in all of its BEAUTIFUL and glorious splendor."

  1. Baltimore, Maryland
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Along with members of UDS Inc and L.A.C.C. Foundation, Byron receives special recognition from US Representative (MN), Keith Ellison for feeding the homeless.
  2. Flint, Michigan
    Flint, Michigan
    In January 2016, Byron drove from Chicago,IL to Flint, MI to deliver much needed water to those affected by the lead crisis.
  3. Topeka, Kansas
    Topeka, Kansas
    The Rocking Readers Book Club received a tablet and a pizza gift card in recognition for their work in promoting youth literacy