The movie "Escape from Alcatraz" is a thrilling and exciting dramatization of how three men; Frank Morris (portrayed by Clint Eastwood), and brothers John and Clarence Anglin, meticulously planned for and elaborately escaped from the seemingly "inescapable" prison of Alcatraz in 1962. Before it was subsequently closed in 1963, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, usually just called Alcatraz, housed the most notorious and dangerous of American criminals during the twenty-nine years that it was used as an incarceration facility. “The Rock”, as the prison was also aptly monikered due to it being built on a rocky island situated one and a quarter miles off of the coast of San Francisco, California, was deemed “inescapable” by the majority of the populace because of its remote location and the strict, unbending rules that were aggressively enforced by the prison warden and prison guards. Originally cast in 1979, “Escape From Alcatraz” is a great movie that I strongly recommend seeing if you have not done so already. Although this book, "Escape From Average Class”, as the title slyly suggests, makes many references and comparisons to the movie throughout the entire book, it is not at all necessary to have previously seen the movie in order to understand the references made to the movie in this book. You just need to know that three men escaped from a horrible and dreadful prison in spite of the overwhelming odds against their success.
“Escape From Average Class” is a book that was written to give the reader a way by which they may escape from the seemingly inescapable conditions in the life of the average person, and live a life full of success. Poor health, constant frustration, addictions, financial difficulties, mental anguish and torment, and many other like conditions dominate the lives of the scores of people in today's society. The average person does not live their life experiencing the fullness and abundance of life. Joy, blessing, richness, wholeness, and peace are conditions that most people desire, but something that very few people experience on a daily basis. This is due to that fact that the average person usually has no idea that the pleasant conditions they wish to experience are well within their power to attain. They feel as if they are powerless in the face of challenges and adversity, choosing instead to give in to the temporary feelings of the moment that ultimately lead to more anxiety and bondage. They become systematically institutionalized and find spurious refuge and comfort in their captivity and bondage. This is the condition and experience of the average person today.
But based on the fact that you are reading these words at this moment and time in your life, it is probably safe to assume that you aspire to live a life beyond average; a life of complete blessing, confidence, health, peace, and abundance. There is a way in which these pleasant conditions can consume you and become your infinite experience. And it will be much more than your experience my friend, it will become your nature; your very state of being, if you choose to embrace these simple yet eternally powerful truths outlined on the pages that follow. Not because I claim to have unlocked some new secret or formula for success. I am simply reciting the ancient wisdom of countless others who have been made aware of the laws of thought and their relationship to our human conditions. And how the right application of these laws in your life can unlock any door that keeps you from that which you desire to accomplish.
We no longer have to be prisoners to the cares and worries that voraciously consume the health and life from the average person. Through the steady process of strengthening our minds, we weaken the limitations and boundaries in our lives in the exact manner that the moist, salty air corroded the concrete walls and metal bars at the prison on Alcatraz Island. Liberation eagerly awaits those who will dare to traverse the frigid currents of change. For once you come to the realization that the potency of life itself is thought, you have escaped the average person's way of thinking, and have begun to embrace the ways of those who have dared to pursue their dreams and live in the true land of the free.
Unescapable prisons simply cease to exist with this knowledge; that you can be whatever you chose to be when your thoughts are formed with purpose. This book is a meant to be a guide that will give you strategies for you to use in order to continue on your path to success. Your beautiful and creative mind holds power and is the key with which you will ultimately live a life of freedom and unlock the door to the greatest blessings in life imaginable.  Once you have learned to control your thoughts instead of allowing your thoughts to have control over you, there is nothing that can ever keep you from that which you desire, enabling you to find the means by which you will be able to “Escape From Average Class”.

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Foreword - Byron Ferguson